Goddard's work is driven by helping people change in order to become more accepted in society, adaptable and successful in the environment in which they live.


For over two decades, Kim Goddard has used her teaching, writing and speaking to help make people, from all walks of life more confident, polished and determined - and to empower and equip them at every level to make a meaningful impact in their lives. 

In 1991, Goddard founded Proper Protocol Etiquette Consulting Firm, working with people of all ages on their presentation skills and professional development. Her Proper Protocol platform launched many more opportunities.

Goddard began her juvenile exploration in 2002, when she was seeked out by the Pinellas County State Attorney and Sheriff’s Office in Florida.  That is when ReStart, ‘ReStarting Teens at Risk Today’ was created. Along came enormous success, a lower number of juveniles entering the legal, a lower truancy rate and an overall a clean path and a restart towards their more optimistic future. All of this then lead ReStart to other locations. 

She also authored the ReStart workbooks as well as Goddard’s Rules for The professional Man, Goddard’s Rules for the Professional Woman and Goddard’s Rules for the Job Seeker. Goddard partners with leading organizations to make real progress which accelerates the development and adoption of these ideas for teens in the 21st century professional model.

Kim Goddard’s Court Coach practice began in 2004, when she was asked to work for a ‘somewhat’ high profile criminal case. This opportunity also proved to grow with popularity. She now contracts with various attorneys to consult with their clients and witnesses, preparing for trail. Sometimes particular individuals will be in need of a        Court Coach and contact her directly.

2004 was a busy year for Goddard as she began working within the music industry.       Star Development consists of in-the-trenches media training, radio tours, business etiquette, meet and greet protocols and more. This same type of development training is used with her clients in other industries, such as television personalities, athletes, politicians and those seeking a public life. 

The Pinellas County Ex-offender  Re-Entry Coalition contracted in 2010 with Goddard to create a program to educate, rebuild confidence and self-esteem, instill job interviewing and workplace skills as these ex-offenders prepare to re-enter society. 

Goddard’s stories and interviews have appeared in numerous publications, including TIME magazine, Cosmopolitan, Tampa Bay Magazine, and multiple newspapers across the country. In fact, Goddard had her own syndicated newspaper column titled, Ask Kim Goddard.  As a former Talk Show Host on NBC, she has also been a frequent guest on radio and television stations, such as, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, 

Goddard is under contract with most of her clients, agreeing to keep their business private, which is understandable. Otherwise a list of clients would be listed.

A popular keynote speaker and interviewer, Goddard has addressed hundreds of audiences around the country – from large corporate/association gatherings to top-management retreats to intimate one-on-one sessions. 

As a storyteller, Goddard reminds audiences of The Golden Rule and shares a few others that she feels are golden. Kim Goddard has a way of bringing to life the people, organizations and ideas on the fringe that are creating the future. She reveals the most practical and high-impact ways to handle situations and dilemmas adapt and succeed -- redefining how leadership, change, employee/co-worker engagement, organizational culture and accountability are properly done.

Goddard’s work is driven by two core questions: 

How can people change in order to become more accepted in society, adaptable and successful in the environment in which they live? 


How do we unleash and ignite human potential in more constructive ways?




How tall are you?

5’4.5” with flats but with heels….5’7” easy.

What is your most prized possession?

My daughter and my dog. YES they are mine!

Where are you from?

Country Club Hills, Illinois

What is your favorite form of exercise?

Yoga and walking with my dog Chip.

What's your secret skill?

I’ve been told that I'm very crafty. I like to make cards instead of buying them.

What is your favorite food?

A really thin and crispy Pizza with an ice cold root-beer in a frozen mug!


What was your first job?

Corn dog chef at Corndog on a Stick. And boy can I make a mean lemonade!

What's your guilty pleasure?

A movie at home with Potato chips, dip and a Sunkist.


A frozen Basil Martini. I discovered it in Playa del Carmen with my Daughter.

What is your favorite holiday?

It's Christmas. Remembering the reason for the season and celebrating our blessings with family and friends, as it always brings joy to my heart.

Who and what was your favorite childhood pet?

Susie, our cappuccino monkey. She would sit on my shoulders when we would go bike riding together. We had her for 12 years.